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Supercress 5 product

Le Supercress 5 contient uniquement du cresson séché. Il est fabriqué à partir de cresson de fontaine (nasturtium officinale) et grâce à notre procédé de séchage innovant, il conserve et concentre les nutriments et principes actifs du cresson frais : macronutriments (protéines, fibres), minéraux (calcium, fer, potassium), vitamines (A,C et K) et antioxydants (polyphénols et glucosinolates).

The Supercress 5 is a superfood for everyone ! Elderly people, seniors, athletes, active people, young people, etc. It complements the diet of all.
It is particularly suitable for anyone who, for one reason or another, may have – chronically or episodically – insufficient or reduced nutritional intake.
If you are taking treatment, it is recommended that you seek medical advice. See also our paragraph on contraindications.

Supercress 5 is made in France. Our raw material, watercress, is grown in Picardie in the Hauts de France, by partner watercress growers. After harvest, the watercress is washed, dried, crushed and then packaged. All these steps are carried out in France. Supercress 5 is therefore a 100% French super dried vegetable.

Depending on your needs, there are two possible uses :
1. In cure : for a fortnight, 1 to 2 bags per day. The objective is to meet a specific need : drop of vitality, lack of energy, need for a boost, to prepare and/or to recover from a sporting effort,… These cures can be done several times a year.
2. Daily basis : 3 to 4 bags per week as you go along. The objective is to maintain a good level of vitality, avoid deficiencies and have a nutritionally qualitative diet.
It’s a matter of individual choice. In the morning or during the day, with a meal or a snack,…
To discover all our ideas of consumption, you can consult our section Recipes by clicking here.
If you are taking treatment, it is best to seek medical advice.
Supercress 5 is rich in vitamin K1, which facilitates blood clotting. Anyone on anticoagulant treatment should therefore avoid using it.

No, Supercress 5 is not a certified Organic/ Organic Agriculture product. Watercress is a plant that feeds on nutrients naturally found in water. The water used is drawn deep underground, which ensures a rich and clean water. Thus the cultivation of watercress requires very little input.

Yes, Supercress 5 is only dried watercress and nothing else. There is no additive, no excipient, no preservative. Supercress 5 is therefore an ideal food supplement for vegans and vegetarians.

Supercress 5 is not a drug. Supercress 5 is a food supplement, it supplements your daily diet. It is not a substitute for a therapeutic treatment prescribed by a health professional.

Tablets and capsules often contain excipients or additives. We want to offer you a 100% natural product, which is why the Supercress 5 is only available in powder form.

There is no risk of overdose because Supercress 5 is 100% vegetable. However, we recommend that you do not exceed two bags per day.

No, Supercress 5 is watercress powder and nothing else. So there is no allergen.

Several actions guarantee the quality of the finished product. Drying takes place less than 48 hours after the watercress is cut. We carry out microbiological controls to ensure that the product is released for sale only after the new production has been checked. Finally, we maintain a real partnership with watercress farmers to ensure the quality of the raw material (visit of watercress farms, collection of information on the mode of culture,…)


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